Tuesday, 24 November 2015


When we were making our film we were discussing about who would do what. So I did the filming. We filmed some people playing hangman, then we filmed two people painting an orange. After that we filmed three girls drinking milk but did not fold the cartons. We did some filming of boys putting blocks together and some girls eating mandarins. We filmed some boys on the field with the rugby balls, passing the balls to each other. Then the hangman people pulled the white board out of the classroom. Two people were carrying a letter K out to the field. Back with the milk, we made a letter P out of wood and glued the milk cartons onto it. With the blocks we made a letter U. At the library, there were people reading newspapers which turned into a letter A. Soon everyone was on the field and those letters made the word Ruapotaka. Everyone jumped up and shouted at the end!

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  1. Tyron, you have explained clearly all the parts of the movie that you filmed. You and Saluselo were very busy filming all those activities! What is your top tip for someone filming for the first time?