Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Writing about our Teamwork movie

What is Teamwork?

Teamwork is when you work with people and do something together and have fun. for an example: when you're cleaning up a room and people help and you all do it together that is called Teamwork. Teamwork is a good way of doing things faster and better. Team: Together Everyone Achieves More

Thursday December 1st 2016

When we were making the cake we first had to take the cake and put it on a type of plate and Pupuke had to get some icing and spread it across the sides. It looked delicious already. Then Julianne and I had to put some kitkat around the edges and then it stuck to it sort of. The next thing we did was tip some M&Ms on the top of the cake and whala there you go a m&m                       cake with kitkat on the sides


  1. Kia ora, Tyron! You have explained clearly what teamwork is and means to you. Good job! Your group worked together so well to plan how you were going to create the cake. When you say "whala", do you mean the French word "voilà"? It means "There you are!" or "There it is!"

  2. Hi Tyron!

    I am Joshua Lee from Toronto and I came across your blog!
    I also think that teamwork is very important for several tasks.
    I like the anagram you made because I think it shows what you think about teamwork.
    Keep up the good work!!!