Wednesday, 15 March 2017

The Everyday Theatre

Today 3 March Rooms 12 & 11 had two visitors.  They were game masters well not really it was just pretending. There were games and role plays.  It was really fun and every one enjoyed

Room 12 was in class when the bell was about to ring but then came inside.  Two girls with game masters on their shirt came to our room and after fitness room 11 went into our room and then they introduced themselves. Their  names were Vera and Kaitlin and they were doing a play.  Every time we got a bonus point we all got six and we needed 10 to unlock the game . Then Vera was a dad and she wore a beanie and Kaitlin was a mother and she was wearing a scarf. and the main characters were the dad named Dave, mum named Maria, a sad son named T, a friend of T Jack and Bryan. Then toward  the end of the play,  we all did a quiz.  We had four lives and if we won we earned six bonus points.   We already had six points so if we won we will get 12 bonus points and be game winners and ...... we won! Then at the very end Vera and Kaitlin showed us all a special handshake and gave us a special badge called Game Masters.  

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

How to make a housing joint out of wood

Image result for constructing a housing jointTo make a joint out of wood you start with a 320mm piece of timber wood and cut a piece off the side of the wood and make it the right size for another piece of wood to fit in. If the cut is too big then you would have to start again but if it is too small and can't fit in you can cut a bit more off and make it slightly fit in so it would look like this. That is how you make a housing joint. Watch this video to find out more about housing joints.

Thursday, 2 March 2017


On February the 15th was Tabloids. The entire school was split up in their houses. Whero with Meana as leader, Kowhai with Saluselo and Katrina as leaders, Kakariki with Minzin ad leader, and Kikorangi with  Mika as leader. We all lined up behind our coloured flags and then we followed the teachers to start off our activity. It was very hot and everyone would have been sweating and starting to stink.  Every  group went to the teachers with a note and the teacher would give every team a point. The points go up to 5 and the scores are at the office. It was a can do positive day.