Friday, 29 September 2017

πŸ–Œ 🎨 Explanation: Science Experiment πŸ–Œ 🎨

Colour Combination

Can colours change? Yes they can If two or more colours combined with each other it will make a new colour. For example: If any colours like blue and red were mixed together it will make the colour purple and if purple and blue were mixed together it will make green. The reason for the colours to change is because the spin the harder the spin the faster it goes.

Thursday, 14 September 2017


On Tuesday it was orienteering with Mrs Leon. We were all in room 11 and we were all sorted into four different teams. We lined up and listened to what we had to do. We all memorized the symbol on the map and Mr Leon or Mrs Golder will say the symbols name was on the map and we had to find the symbol if we chose incorrectly. Me and my team had to go to the back of the line. Who ever gets the most points out of the two teams wins. After that we had to choose a card that was flipped over and Mrs Golder will hold it and you had to find what it's name was and this time if you got it wrong you had to try again until you got it right. and the last game we did was a game of snap. What you had to do is that Mrs Golder Will say the symbol on the map and the symbol is lying neatly on the desk and whoever got the right card you take it with you as a point as well. Now we have one last lesson with Mr Leon.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Back At Tech For 2017

Wednesday Term 3 2017 and the year 7s and 8s go to Tech. When Mrs Tuipolotu arrived we grabbed out a frying pan and a big pot and waited for our instructions. We received a bowl from her filled with 4 chickens. She wanted one person from each group to bring the frying pan to make the sauce. She put in curry powder, black pepper, brown sugar, Indian tomato and herbs. As we mixed the sauce the chickens were boiling in the big pot on the stove. Then Mrs Tuipolotu gave us rice on a plate. When the chickens were finished we put it in the sauce and mixed it. Once that was done we put the chickens and some sauce on the rice. Then it was ready to eat.

Monday, 24 July 2017

πŸ““Back To School & Back To LearnπŸ““

Two weeks are finally over, term three is just starting and we're halfway through the year. Everyone will be working very hard this year trying to become Better Than Before. This year there will be lots of things to learn and study.

Everyone was excited  to be back at school. There were lots of blue which is the color of our uniform. At assembly Mrs Vickers asked the school. who read books in the holidays.

Half of the school stood up. It was sad to see how many people there were still sitting because that meant they didn't even read one book in the holidays. Reading can help you learn.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017


Thursday 24 May 2017

Rooms 12 and 11 combined together to do skipping outside on the court. We all spread out and found a space where we wouldn't bump into each other when we skipped. We all warmed up doing simple easy skipping skills.

We skipped backwards, forwards and side to side. When that was all done, we all split up into teams. Each team had to come up with ways to work together. Every class in the school is doing a skipping display.

Everyone then went back to where they were standing. Then we all start to skip again as a class. If you stopped or became tired you had to sit on the ground.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

National Milk Day

Today I thought it was going to be like every other day but then once when every one was drinking their milk photos were being taken. Why? To me this was really suspicious and weird what was going on I thought photo day was over. When I was taking the empty milk cartons back to the Multi Purpose Room I saw Rooms 1, 6 and also Room 7 taking photos out side their Room drinking milk. What is going on today. Then someone told me it was National Milk Day. Oh so that is why everyone is taking photos oh well. Wait whats National Milk Day!?

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

πŸ˜€ I'm In The Mood When Cooking Food πŸ˜€

Wow, a time to cook food just like the year 8's did.
When we arrived at tech, we all got off the bus and walked to our new place to do some cooking for the first time. I was really nervous because I have never ever cooked a thing in my entire life! We had to wait outside for a really long time. Seconds past by until Mrs Tuipolotu came and welcomed us all inside. She introduced herself to us all. Once we went inside and sat down she talked to us about the food equipment and where it's supposed to be placed, she also told us we'll be making delicious milk shake.

Mrs Tuipolotu told us all to get out a bowl and a hand whisk out of the cupboard and right after that she lead us all to a room and told us to put on an apron that was hanging up on the hooks. It was really hard to tie them up behind us so we had to have our partner help us. When our aprons were on we all washed our hands and went back to our tables.

Mrs Tuipolotu grabbed a box of vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and chocolate syrup. She put a chunk of ice cream into our bowls and told us to whisk it until it was smooth. After that we put it all into separate cups. When it was all in the cup she put the chocolate syrup in our cups then she topped it with whipped cream with more chocolate syrup on top.

Then we all ate  it up πŸ‘