Wednesday, 15 March 2017

The Everyday Theatre

Today 3 March Rooms 12 & 11 had two visitors.  They were game masters well not really it was just pretending. There were games and role plays.  It was really fun and every one enjoyed

Room 12 was in class when the bell was about to ring but then came inside.  Two girls with game masters on their shirt came to our room and after fitness room 11 went into our room and then they introduced themselves. Their  names were Vera and Kaitlin and they were doing a play.  Every time we got a bonus point we all got six and we needed 10 to unlock the game . Then Vera was a dad and she wore a beanie and Kaitlin was a mother and she was wearing a scarf. and the main characters were the dad named Dave, mum named Maria, a sad son named T, a friend of T Jack and Bryan. Then toward  the end of the play,  we all did a quiz.  We had four lives and if we won we earned six bonus points.   We already had six points so if we won we will get 12 bonus points and be game winners and ...... we won! Then at the very end Vera and Kaitlin showed us all a special handshake and gave us a special badge called Game Masters.  

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

How to make a housing joint out of wood

Image result for constructing a housing jointTo make a joint out of wood you start with a 320mm piece of timber wood and cut a piece off the side of the wood and make it the right size for another piece of wood to fit in. If the cut is too big then you would have to start again but if it is too small and can't fit in you can cut a bit more off and make it slightly fit in so it would look like this. That is how you make a housing joint. Watch this video to find out more about housing joints.

Thursday, 2 March 2017


On February the 15th was Tabloids. The entire school was split up in their houses. Whero with Meana as leader, Kowhai with Saluselo and Katrina as leaders, Kakariki with Minzin ad leader, and Kikorangi with  Mika as leader. We all lined up behind our coloured flags and then we followed the teachers to start off our activity. It was very hot and everyone would have been sweating and starting to stink.  Every  group went to the teachers with a note and the teacher would give every team a point. The points go up to 5 and the scores are at the office. It was a can do positive day.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

First syndicate Assembly for 2017

On Tuesday Rroom 12 had their first syndicate Assembly for 2017. Lupe, Timote,Azahar, Viamoana, Meana, Athens and I where hosting  the Assembly. We had about two days to practice and memorize our speeches. For our Assembly were going to sing Smile And Be Happy and Lean On Me, then the prefects talked to everybody about keeping safe and wearing  hats everyday.  Later,  we had a dance competition where  two children from each room competed against each other.  It was great.

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Together Everyone Achieves More!

Hi this is a movie when Together Everyone Achieves More and cooperates with each other and everyone together will be good and be better than before. So do enjoy. We all wish Mrs Buchanan good luck when she leaves.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Writing about our Teamwork movie

What is Teamwork?

Teamwork is when you work with people and do something together and have fun. for an example: when you're cleaning up a room and people help and you all do it together that is called Teamwork. Teamwork is a good way of doing things faster and better. Team: Together Everyone Achieves More

Thursday December 1st 2016

When we were making the cake we first had to take the cake and put it on a type of plate and Pupuke had to get some icing and spread it across the sides. It looked delicious already. Then Julianne and I had to put some kitkat around the edges and then it stuck to it sort of. The next thing we did was tip some M&Ms on the top of the cake and whala there you go a m&m                       cake with kitkat on the sides

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Jump Run Throw

Image result for run jump throw logo
On the first day we went to jump run throw we were being guided by a coach named Declan. Declan told us all of his three simple steps one: never talk when Declan or Mrs Buchanan is talking, two when Declan blows his whistle freeze and 3 have fun.

Day 1 with Declan

With Declan we first did a game called happy cone sad cone and what we had to do was if the cone was knocked over it is a sad cone and if it was standing up it is standing it is a happy cone. There were two teams one team had to knock the cone over and the other team was making them stand up. The team that was Knocking the cones down won the first round  but it wasn't over there were still two more rounds but the game changed a bit the team that was knocking the cones over had to knock the cones down with there heads and the team who was picking the cones up right had to do it with their feet and the knocking down team won! again. Then after that we played a tag game and what you have to do is run after a partner and if Declan blows his whistle you have to freeze and the person that was chasing their partner had to try reach out and tag their partner and if they did the person that was chasing had to be running away. Coach Declan was telling us about running and how we start running and when you run your hands go cheek to cheek. Then the next activity we did was a relay you had to jump over cones that were in a line and run back. And now the last activity of the day we all played a shark game there were two sharks and the rest of the class were pirates there were hoops that the pirates had to stay in so the sharks won’t get them and the pirates can only stay in the hoop for less than five seconds.