Thursday, 24 November 2016

Jump Run Throw

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On the first day we went to jump run throw we were being guided by a coach named Declan. Declan told us all of his three simple steps one: never talk when Declan or Mrs Buchanan is talking, two when Declan blows his whistle freeze and 3 have fun.

Day 1 with Declan

With Declan we first did a game called happy cone sad cone and what we had to do was if the cone was knocked over it is a sad cone and if it was standing up it is standing it is a happy cone. There were two teams one team had to knock the cone over and the other team was making them stand up. The team that was Knocking the cones down won the first round  but it wasn't over there were still two more rounds but the game changed a bit the team that was knocking the cones over had to knock the cones down with there heads and the team who was picking the cones up right had to do it with their feet and the knocking down team won! again. Then after that we played a tag game and what you have to do is run after a partner and if Declan blows his whistle you have to freeze and the person that was chasing their partner had to try reach out and tag their partner and if they did the person that was chasing had to be running away. Coach Declan was telling us about running and how we start running and when you run your hands go cheek to cheek. Then the next activity we did was a relay you had to jump over cones that were in a line and run back. And now the last activity of the day we all played a shark game there were two sharks and the rest of the class were pirates there were hoops that the pirates had to stay in so the sharks won’t get them and the pirates can only stay in the hoop for less than five seconds.

Thursday, 17 November 2016


15 November 2016

New Zealand's latest big earthquake has raised the prospect of a "worst case scenario" and a far more powerful shake.
The 7.5-magnitude tremor struck just after midnight on Monday near Hanmer and led to two deaths and widespread damage in the upper South Island.
Kevin McCue, an adjuct professor at Central Queensland University, says it was another major New Zealand earthquake not on the Alpine Fault system or any known major mapped faults in the region marking the Pacific and Australian Plate margin.
"The consequent stress loading on the Alpine fault may be bringing it closer to failure and a magnitude 8 earthquake on the Wellington Fault must be in the minds of NZ emergency management, the worst case scenario," he said.
Prof McCue, who is Australian Earthquake Engineering Society president and Australian Seismological Centre director, said positives were that there weren't many casualties and seemingly only one building collapse.