Monday, 20 June 2016

We love to read books

Room 10 @ Ruapotaka

16th June 2016
Dear Mr  Jarvis

On behalf of Room 10 we would like to say thank you for being our sponsor and thank you for buying the whole school Duffy books.We all know that you still sponsor our Duffy books even though you have retired. We think  that you are a really great man and a really great sponsor.

From: Katrina & Tyron

20160616_141131.jpgRoom 10 @ Ruapotaka

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Chromebook Celebration

On Thursday 26 May Room 10 had a Chromebook Celebration and everyone had a good time with their family. Our two Manaiakalani teachers Mrs Grant and Yayleen came to see our parents to help them to help us to use our kawa of care at home. Katrina and I had to read or write because we both didn't have a Chromebook. Mrs Buchanan bought a lot of healthy food and put it on a green table for afternoon tea. Then Pupuke, Julianne, Henry and Saluselo had a little munch on the healthy stuff. After school Mrs Buchanan kindly gave all of us a fruit stick and we all ate it on the way home.